08/30/2020 FSN Workshop Plan

Time:08/30/2020  Sunday 9am—1pm

Location: Live webinar by Zoom Meeting

8:40am—9am: Registration (staffs arrive before 8:30am)

9am—1pm, 4hours Category I CEU approved by CA Acupuncture Broad
Speaker: Edwin Chen, DC, L.Ac. (English lecture only, no Chinese interpreter)
Topic: Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) Workshop (Introduction)

Fee: $30 for active AACMA member, register the class at AACMA website; $30 for non-member current student, $100 for Non-AACMA member L.Ac.
Welcome non-AACMA member joint AACMA and enjoy member benefit. The AACMA annual L.Ac. membership fee is $120, suggested annual PAC fee is $80, student membership fee is $50.

(1) The deadline for registration is August 20, 2020. Active members who have paid
their 2020 membership fees, may logging in to the AACMA website, click on the
course name and follow the prompts to pay. Please be sure to use your real name
and valid e-mail address, otherwise you cannot be verified and get credit;

(2) Thosewho have not paid the 2020 membership fee of $200 (including political action
donation of $80), please se nd the check payable to “AACMA” as soon as possible, or
pay it on the AACMA website, and then register to attend the class.

Schools contacts: Kim You (ACCHS student), Amy Liu 刘蓓 (UEWM VP for Academic Affair),
E-sing Hong 洪一心 (FBU), Samantha Hodge (ACTCM)

Contact email: aacmaus@gmail.com , Secretary: Mr. Zhong, Yiqing,Tel: 415-981-8384
Indicating your name, license #, contacts information and “FSN Workshop”. Sent form and
checks to: 777 Stockton Street, Suite 105, San Francisco, CA 94108

08/30/20 AACMA Symposium Speaker Profile

Dr. Edwin Chen
Graduated in 1987 from Palmar-West as the valedictorian of his class. He was a Certified
Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, a Diplomat of American Board of Chiropractic
Orthopedists, and a Certified McKenzie therapist. From 1996 to 2004, he was the vice
president, course designer and chief instructor for the American Institute of Acupuncture
Orthopedics and Traumatology. He is also a senior licensed acupuncturist since 1990. He
practices in San Mateo and San Jose.
Topic: Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) Workshop
Time: 8/30/2020, 1pm-5pm
Location: 777 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA
Outline: 1. the defination of Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) and the inventor: Prof.
Zhonghua Fu;
2. the indication and contraindication of FSN;
3. the special needle and insertion device;
4. the FSN hand on techniques and precaution.
5. Demonstration of FSN treatment for Shoulder pain, tennis elbow; Low back pain; Knee