A brief report on our August 06,2017 CEUs by Joyce Wu

American Acupuncture of Chinese Medicine Association just had another great seminar. This time we invited two experts in their fields to talk about the importance of documentation in insurance billing and pain management. There were about 30 people attended to the seminar.

Mori West has been working side-by-side with many acupuncturists for the past 27 years. Not only that she knows the knots and bolts of insurance billing, she is also a big advocate on acupuncture legislations. At the end of her class, we interviewed a couple of attendees about her class and all of them would like to bring Mori back for another class! Moving on to our next guest lecturer, Dr. Gang Li. He is a board certified, Harvard-trained anesthesiologist and Stanford-trained Pain Medicine specialist. In his lecture, he talked about the financial impact of chronic pain in our society, the pathophysiology of chronic pain, current comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to pain management and that included acupuncture. Later in his lecture, he introduced the current advances in interventional pain management.

Like many past seminars, this seminar cannot happen without many of volunteered acupuncturists and friends working behind the scene. AACMA is wishing you a cool rest of the summer.

Mori Jean West’s Lecture

The Lecture of Gang Li_ M.D.


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