California Acupuncture Board Video Conference Briefing

The video conference of the California Acupuncture Board (CAB)was held on 03/25/21 and 03/26/21 for two consecutive days. Dr. Lei Yang, Director of the Political Department of the American Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture(AACMA), attended the conference on behalf of the Association. The briefing is as follows

1. Discussed and voted on the AB918 bill.
The main content of the AB918 Act is that NCCAOM, an out-of-state acupuncture examination agency, replaces California Acupuncture Board, which has implemented the California Acupuncture License Examination CALE for more than 20 years. Director Yang stated five reasons against AB918 on behalf of the AACMA. The main reason is that the NCCAOM exam requires candidates to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture for far less time than the 3000 hours which is required by California, but the cost of the exam is much higher than the current one.

Most acupuncture institutions and schools in California oppose AB918, and the AACMA is one of the main organizations against AB918. Representatives from all parties and acupuncturists at the meeting all expressed their opinions, most of them opposed, and a few supported. Finally, the Board of directors from California Acupuncture board passed a resolution against AB98 by 6:1, which will be submitted to the California legislature for final decision.

2. The California Acupuncture board reminds everyone to make professional analysis and feedback on the Internet after receiving the letter or email from the California Acupuncture Board.

3. The California Acupuncture Board will increase the application fee for re-education course providers to $500.
Director Yang supported the CAB on behalf of AACMA because the CAB needs to increase expenditure to supervise continuing education courses. Low application fees, low threshold application qualifications and lack of supervision will result in low-quality continuing education courses.

4. The CAB once again discussed the fees for the Wall license of acupuncturists, and proposed to renew it every two years, at $50 each time. Director Yang raised objections on behalf of AACMA.

5. Regarding telemedicine, the CAB proposes a plan for telemedicine and will formulate relevant standards. This topic will continue to be discussed and decided at the next meeting. Everyone supports it.

6. Some acupuncturists also expressed their opinions on the English name of “bloodletting” therapy and whether cupping belongs to the exclusive scope of practice of acupuncturists.