Free Business Guidance For Opening An Acupuncture Clinic

Date:September 22, 2019 Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Location: AACMA Conference Room 777 Stockton Street,San Francisco, CA 94108 Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Ho Lam Tsang, Dr. Wei Wei, Dr. Xiao Ping Wang and Miss. Ronni Fan (From MIEC Malpractice Insurance Company)


1, How to Choose the location for a new clinic including the regional financial analysis, etc.

2, Equipment or devices, furnishings and precautions for a new clinic.

3, Laws and regulations for advertisement.

4, Scope of practice for acupuncture.

5, Procedures for Insurance claims, Medical record writing, the application of ICD 10 codes, CPT codes. and Malpractice Insurance.

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Please don’t miss this detailed prepared lecture and guidance! Welcome Members of AACMA, Non-Members and all students of the Chinese Medicine Schools!