10/21/2018 AACMA CEU Classes Agenda

Time10/21/2018  9am—7:00pm 

LocationThe Domain Hotel,1085  East El Camino Real. Sunnyvale, CA 94087

8:30 am–9:00 am: Registration

9:00 am—7:00 pm: 

Speaker:  Prof. Wu, Xiongzhi

Host: Zhiwei Xu L.Ac.    Jia Yang  L.Ac.

Topic:  How to Catch the Unique Symptom & Vital Sign for Differentiation Treatment for Cold Damage Diseases


1:00pm—2:00pm  Lunch

This class will offer 9 hours category I CEU.  Application is in processing by California Acupuncture Board. Provider No: 238

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10-21-18 AACMA Continue Education Speaker Profile and Topics

Professor Wu Xiongzhi, Ph.D., Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor of Oncology, Tianjin Medical University. Graduated from West China Medical College, Sichuan University. The New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, the 131 Innovative Talents of Tianjin, the Vice President of the Board of Clinical Scientific Research and Statistics Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine, the Vice President of the Clinical Research Branch of the Chinese Medicine Information Society, and the Vice President of the Cancer Precision Treatment Branch of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Vice President of Cancer Rehabilitation Branch of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Integrative Medicine of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Association. The first batch of TCM clinical special experts in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Professor Wu has published more than 50 papers and 25 papers documentary by SCI. He is the author of “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Spleen and Stomach Diseases”, “Study on Wushu Treatise on Shanghan Diseases”, “Re-conclusion of Treatise on Shanghan Diseases”, “Wu ‘s Discussion on Treating Shanghan Diseases”, “Digestive system tumors” and many other works. He is an academic advisor to the Digestive Society of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a member of the Hong Kong International Traditional Medicine Research Association. Holds two national patents. He has a certain research on the Sanjiao theory of Chinese medicine, the theory of spleen and stomach, the theory of Waigan, the dialectical of six classics, the theory of water and fire, the theory of Qihua, and the theory of yin and yang. He founded the three-dimensional two-demonstration method. He is an expert of the treatment of digestive diseases, tumors, autoimmune diseases and gynecological lactation diseases. He hosted a number of national, provincial and municipal research projects. There are certain studies on the prevention and treatment of tumor recurrence and metastasis, reverse transformation therapy, traditional Chinese medicine external application and acupuncture treatment of tumors. Established the largest clinical database of Chinese medicine tumors in China up to date. The first time to obtain the glycosidic peptide, which has obtained the national invention patent and has independent intellectual property rights. The glycosaminoglycan is a novel anti-tumor vascular targeted drug targeting FGF. The research: “Wenhua” Capsule he hosted can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, induce differentiation and apoptosis, and directly kill tumor cells. “Wenhua” Capsule can block tumor cells in S phase, and it has a significant synergistic effect with S phase-specific chemotherapy drugs. From the perspective of angiogenesis, the anti-tumor mechanism of Ruanjian Sanjie was revealed. From the molecular and cellular levels, the mechanism of TCM Wenyang Sanhan treatment for malignant tumor was elucidated. A new classification system for anti-tumor drugs based on cell biological targets was established by him.

Professor Wu has rich Chinese and Western culture knowledge. He has used the plain language and modern medical knowledge to interpret the classic works of profound Chinese medicine and apply it in the clinic. He is an expert of blending and merging the ancient and modern Chinese and Western medicine. Professor Wu’s medical ethics is noble, benevolent and benevolent. He established the “Medical Doctor Education Platform”, the “Yilu Jiangkang” patient education platform, and the “Bashan Yeyu” Chinese Medicine Heritage Fund and other public Chinese medicine education platforms, tens of thousands of students all over the world, set off a resurgence of classics, and spare no effort to promote Chinese medicine.

Topic: How to Catch the Unique Symptom & Vital Sign for Differentiation Treatment for Cold Damage Diseases


1.The research methods for the TCM Classical book ” Shang Han Lun”, The “Zhua DU ” method’s origin and definition.

  1. How to differentiation cold damage diseases through pulse checking;

3.The “Zhua Du ” method’s content and the easy remember diagnosis singing;

  1. The Cold Damage Diseases six-channel symptoms and vital sign characteristic outline;
  2. How to use the unique herb to choose the classic formula base on the unique symptoms and vital sign;
  3. How to understand those symptoms and vital sign through modern western medicine knowledge;
  4. Two cases study for applying formula “Wu Ling San” and “Cai Ling Tang”.

The new education model proposed by professor Wu is different from the existing traditional Chinese medicine curriculum. It is an education model of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine with innovative unique teaching concepts and clinical application as the core. It not only ensures the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, but also can be combined with the clinical practice of western medicine, so as not to deviate from international medicine education. In the aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, through reinterpreting ancient classic traditional Chinese medicine theory combined with modern medicine, it makes students to realize the unify of Chinese and western, ancient and modern, the internal and external, with philosophical dialectic unique theoretical system. To integrate the different views of various branches of TCM, we will achieve the unification of TCM and solve the fragmentation of the theoretical system of TCM. With the help of western medicine technology, using modern science and technology to analyze Chinese medicine will simplify the content of pulse inspection. The new model can pro-mote the standardized development of TCM diagnosis. Teaching students the simplest and most direct way to achieve clinical application technologies. Such a course of traditional Chinese medicine can provide a combination of Chinese and western medicine education making doctors to study strong clinical skills in a short period of time, which is conducive to improving the clinical ability of acupuncturists. They should learn how to catch the unique symptom and vital sign then fast differentiation diagnosis treatment for Cold Damage Disease.