01/07/18 Professor Jiao WangYi

“Modern Clinical Application of Ancient Zhang ZhongJing Formulas” seminar was successfully held

By Huimei Zhang / Communication & Publication Depart

AACMA  has started 2018 with another wave of academic seminars!

On January 7th, we invited Dr. WangYi Jiao to give a lecture “Modern Clinical Application of Ancient ZhongJing Zhang Formulas”. Dr. Jiao is not only good at teaching and practicing TCM, but also good at scientific research and clinic management. His lecture covered many aspects of TCM with a deep discussion of diagnosis and ZhongJing formulas.  The lecture was warmly received and appreciated by all.

The audience took part in an active discussion with Dr Xu which was very rewarding.  Dr. Xu is an excellant speaker and the lecture was a success. Almost a hundred AACMA members attended the seminar although it was the first Sunday after the long holiday. Thanks for Dr. Jun Hu for arranging such a wonderful lecture! We also appreciate all the hard work done by the volunteer acupuncturists. They are: LiYun Ye, Enli Tan, YiFang Chen, YiYang Liang, Jing Li, Ling Yang, HuiZhong Zhang, LiLi Zhang, JianPing Liu, JianHua Xiao, JingWei Huang, Hua Dong, DeYing Liang, XiaoYan Liu, Jun Hu, ZhiWei Xu, Huimei Zhang.


Dr. Wangyi Jiao clinical cases to teach the modern application of Zhongjing ancient, grateful acupuncturist Ester Chen , with her own experience of illness helps us to improve TCM treatment level! She shows the tongue to help you dialectically.

Front desk acupuncturist volunteers  quickly and orderly register for the lecturers