12/10/17 AACMA San Francisco district again successfully held the CEU academic conference.

HongYu Xiao’s seminar on “the new beautiful realm of internal organ therapy”

Jian An Guo lectured “clinical anatomical application of cervical and shoulder disorders.”

AACMA secretary department

Translate:  Alice Liu

On December 10th, AACMA successfully held another CEU academic conference in China town San Francisco. More than 120 practitioners from the Bay Area attended the event from 9 am to 6 pm. For eight hours, physicians attentively studied from two teachers, abiding the rules and keeping the conference quiet. The studious atmosphere is strong, and nobody left early, showing the professionalism and high quality of our association members.

The morning section is organized by vice president Zhao GuangWei and department chair Zhang Ping. Senior physical therapist from Taiwan, Teacher Xiao HongYu, taught about the new beautiful realm of internal organ therapy.

Speaker Xiao’s teaching about internal organ manipulation and adjustment is clear. The perspective is novel. Theory and practicality comes together. The demonstration of techniques is detail and well described. The clinical application is broad such that many physicians were inspired and benefited from this lecture.

The afternoon section is organized by Dr. Zhao Guang Wei and lectured by famous orthopedic and traumatology expert from the Bay Area, Teacher Guo JianAn. He taught about the clinical anatomical application of cervical and shoulder disorders.

Dr Guo used the accurate atlas to review the anatomical structure of the large tissue and systems of the cervical and shoulder complex in details, in addition to the physiological function and pathological changes of the complex. He also explained its relationship with the meridians and acupuncture points alongside with the caution in clinical settings. The content is very practical and holds significant clinical guidance.
The AACMA council has done a lot of work to prepare and organize this lecture, especially the academic department, to ensure the smooth flow of the whole event.

On the day of the event, the council members that served the members were:

Academic department: Li JiaMing. General Support Department: Zhang Tong, Huang JingWei.

Communication & Publication Department: Jenny X. Ou , Donald Chiu.

Public Relation Department: Ping Zhang, Zhu HongYan.

Finance Department: Xia JingJiao, Li Jing, Chen Yi Fang, Zhou Ze Xin.

Organization Department: Ada Liang, Yu ShaoBin.

Welfare Department: Chen Chun Yi. Secretary Department: Gong HuiRong, Shen HuaShu, Zhao Guang Wei and Secretray Zhong.

Member  Dr. Zhang Hui Mei translated for the event for the whole day. All the physicians were enthusiastic, responsible, hard working, cooperative and united in team work. With the support from all the physician attendees, making the success of this academic event.

AACMA consecutively invited two outstanding lecturers across the Taiwan Strait to hold lectures in the South Bay and San Francisco in two weeks. They were both fully filled with attendees. This fully demonstrates the strong organization and coordination ability of each department in the association and the members’ passion in learning.  We shall praise all the staff members dedicated to the success of the seminar. We shall all learn from you and salute to you!


AACMA member Hui Mei Zhang is translating instantly

Speaker Jian An Guo lectured “clinical anatomical application of cervical and shoulder disorders.”

On the day of the event, the council members that served the members: