Traditional Chinese Food Therapy:
Healing Winter Recipes with Videos

Beauty Soup


pear (2), snow fungus (1), crystal sugar (150g)

Dried Herbs:

lily (30g), dried longan (30g),

radix (30g), lotus seeds (30g),

goji berries (30g), yizhu (30g),

red dates (15), Chinese pearl barley (50g)

Fried Sticky Rice


glutinous rice (3 cups), dried shrimp (50g),

Chinese sausage (1 pair), carrot (150g),

kohlrabi (150g), corn (100g),

shiitake mushroom (100g), green onion (1)


soy sauce, oyster sauce

Beef Stew with Radish


beef brisket (1 lb), radish (1 ~ 1.5-2lb),

ginger (1), aged mandarin peel (1),

garlic (5), staranus (5), bay leaf (5)


soy sauce (3 tbsp), oyster sauce (1 tsp),

rice wine (1 tsp), sesame oil (1 tsp)

Kidney and Qi Tea Tonic


astragalus (5g), radix (5g),

dogwood (5g), chrysanthemum (20),

red dates (10g), dried longan (10g), rose (10)

Pumpkin Cake


squash (1 lb),

glutinous rice flour (1 lb),

sugar (50g)

Stress Relief Tea


lavender (10g), rose (10),

chrysanthemum (20),

osmanthus (5g)

Chicken, Celery, Ginkgo, Fresh Lily and Gojiberry Stir Fry


chicken thighs (0.5lb), celery (150g),

lily (100g), ginkgo (50g), goji berries (50g)

Marinade sauce:

soy sauce (3 tbsp), oyster sauce (1 tbsp),

ginger (1 tsp), rice wine (0.5 tsp),

sesame oil (0.5 tsp), cornstarch (0.5 tsp)

White Radish Cake


Radish (1~1.5 lb), Rice flour (1 lb),

Cured meat (½), Chinese sausage (1 pair),

Dried shrimp (50g), Dried scallop (50g),

Shiitake mushroom (5),

Cilantro (10), Garlic (4)

Fitness Soup


Pork bone (1lb), winter melon (1lb), lentils (1 bowl),

Dried Herbs: 

lily (3g),  almond (3g),

yizhu (3g), aged mandarin peel (1),

Chinese pearl barley (1g)

Fresh Herbs:

tuckahoe (0.5lb), yam (0.5lb). figs (6)

Meat, Bone and Herb Soup


pork bone (1.5lb), chicken (half),

Shitaki mushroom (10), herb packet (1),

green onion (2), fresh ginger (1), garlic (5),

aged mandarin peel (1),

Herbs (2-3g each):

Codonopsis pilosula, astragalus, radix,

Rehmannia glutinosa, Foxglove, lily, yizhu,

angelica root, cinnamon, dried red dates,

Euryale ferox, goji berry, dried longan