How to Prevent Illness
and Maintain Health with TCM

By Crystal Zhao

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods are very helpful when symptoms are present. TCM knowledge and methodology can give patients tools to maintain their health and prevent illness. Learning to be mindful of all of the signs and symptoms your body gives you allows you to be more in tune with yourself and know what your body needs, either physically or emotionally. The guidelines within traditional Chinese food therapy and nutritional healing can be applied to daily life, even when a patient is not feeling ill. Knowing what is best to consume and what to avoid will be beneficial to maintaining balance.

Exercise, such as practicing Tai Chi, breathing exercises, keeping a calm mind, running, and kung fu, is a good way to help prevent illness. A healthy diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, while avoiding too much meat and canned foods, eating on time, regularly, when not too hungry nor too full, and sleeping earlier and getting regular sufficient sleep are ways to maintain health with TCM.