Free Coaching Seminar for Opening a New Acupuncture Clinic

Publicity Department of AACMA Secretary Office

Translated by Huimei Zhang, L.Ac.

On September 10, 2017, AACMA hosted a free training workshop in our headquarter in San Francisco for new acupuncturists.  More than 30 people participated the opening ceremony. Jia Yang, the deputy director of Academic & education Affairs , explained how to participate insurance network. Caiping Tang, the deputy of English Department, shared the experience of obtaining patients’ trust with good curative effect. Ronni from MIEC insurance company gave a detailed speech on how to avoid lawsuit.  Zeng Hao Lin, deputy chairman of the Supervisory Committee, explained many key points on how to open a clinic successfully.

Ada Liang , minister of HR Department, presided over the meeting and  prepared food for the meeting. Minister of Publication Department Ou Xiaojian did the live filming and operated the sound system for the whole meeting; Minister of Public Relation Department, Zhang Ping helped to distribute materials; Chen Yi-fang, vice minister of Finance Department helped with registering and filings; and Dr. Zeng’s wife served as an receptionist and prepared documents; Chief secretary Shen Hua Shu assisted reception, preparation of materials ,filming and live reports; Secretary Zhong did a wonderful preparing job for the seminar including getting all equipment ready.

We appreciate the collaboration and full participation of all the departments, we had a very successful workshop with over 30 participants,  majority of the them are newly licensed acupuncturists. They will be the fresh blood of our Association in the future; they were encouraged to join AACMA. The agenda controlled by the Organization Department was very time efficient. All the participants asked questions during the seminar. The speakers gave detailed answers, the interaction was very active. All the content of the lectures was very practical, referential and beneficial to the new practitioners.