Apply for New Membership & Pay Member Fees

I agree to follow the statutes of the American Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (AACMA) when I become a member.

Fees include:
Membership fee: $120
Political action fee: $80

Payment method: Choose a payment method from the options below. All of your financial information will be kept confidential.


Credit card payment: payment, AACMA will email receipt and membership card to you.

Bank Direct Deposit: After the fund be transfered, AACMA will email receipt and membership card to you.

Transfer $120 for membership fee to:
AACMA Chase Bank Account

Account Name: AACMA
AACMA bank account number: 700069615
Chase Routing number: 322271627

Transfer $80 political action fee to:
AACMA/PAC Chase Bank account

Account Name: AACMA / PAC
AACMA/PAC account number: 955303011
Chase Routing number: 322271627

Pay by check:

Please click the blue button below to print out the application form and fill in each item correctly.

Please send 2 checks:
Membership fee: $120 payable to AACMA
Political action fee: $80 payable to AACMA/PAC 

Please send 2 checks and the application form to the below AACMA address. Upon receiving the checks and application form, AACMA will send you a receipt and membership card.

Address: 777 Stockton St Suite 105 San Francisco, CA 94108

Tel: 415-981- 8384

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