3 ways to pay membership:

All Payment Notes:Please provide the following information:1. Full name, must match the name in your license. Please provide Chinese name if you have.2. State of practice, license number.3. Email address.4. Cell phone number.Attention: You will take the full responsibility for not being issued the membership if the information is in-complete.

(1) Zelle: Account Number: aacmaus@gmail.com  (No handling fee)

(2) Pay by Credit card (There is a  handling fee):
Regular membership: $200 (Included the membership fee $120 and political Action fee $80)
Handling fee: $6,
Total: $206.
Student and retired membership: $50. Handling fee: $2,
Total is $52.
After the fund be received, AACMA will email receipt to you.

(3) Pay by check: (No handling fee)

Please click the blue button below to print out the application form and fill in each item correctly.

Write a check payable to AACMA
Membership and political action fee: $200
Student and retired membership fee: $50

Please send your check and the application form to the address below. Upon receiving the check and application form, AACMA will send you a receipt.

Address: 777 Stockton St Suite 105 San Francisco, CA 94108
Email: aacmaus@gmail.com
Tel: 415-981- 8384 (Text message or Voice message)

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