Member Benefits- Please excuse our appearance, site currently under construction 🙂

AACMA has the most members among all the professional organizations.AACMA membership fee in 2020 is $200 (includes $80 of political action fee).There are TEN major reasons for joining AACMA: 1. Members have 9 continuing education (CE) classes with credit to attend. Attending Zoom classes online is only $30 for 4 CE units. Attending on-site classes is $50 for 7-9 CE units. The cost to register for non-members is $200 per class. 2. Members get discounts for malpractice insurance premiums from MIEC. 3. Members are first to receive announcements about continuing education classes and all the activities of AACMA. 4. Members can sign-in on the website of AACMA with the privilege to visit the “members only” page to view the academic information. Members have the opportunity for free advertisement for their practice. Patients can find a trusted acupuncturist in our “searching for acupuncturist” page which listed out all our members. 5. There are 4 regional chapters of AACMA: Sacramento, San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay.
Members in the belonging regions are invited to attend irregular academic and clinical management seminars, recreational activities, dinner parties, to enhance connections of each other. It is a real family of acupuncturists. 6. There are specialty committees such as Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Orthopedics Acupuncture, Clinical Management, etc. established in AACMA. They consist of experts rich in clinical experience. Members can participate in their seminars, case studies, and get answers for related questions anytime. 7. Members can join AACMA academics WeChat group, political activity WeChat group, and regional chapter WeChat group. Members can attend the monthly or biweekly WeChat lectures or case study for free. There will be adequate instructions from experts and information on group activities in the WeChat groups. 8. Members can go to the annual BBQ party, the biggest outdoor event of AACMA, with family and friends. There is always plenty of delicious food, music, singing, dancing, raffle drawing, and fun activities. 9. Members get group discounts participating in the trips organized by AACMA. Senior members can participate in the annual “Pay Respect to Pioneers and Elders” event. Accept tribute from cadres and posterity. 10. AACMA has legal consultants to help ensure all the work of the association are legal. Members get knowledge about law and regulation related to acupuncture practice periodically.AACMA is the group member of the American Alliance for Professional Acupuncture and Safety (AAPAS). It has played an active and significant role at the movement of opposing the illegal practice of dry-needling and protection of the benefit of acupuncturists. AACMA will continue to strive for the most benefit of all acupuncturists. AACMA is a group member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) and World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS ), two international professional organizations. The elected Vice President of both organizations is from the Board of AACMA. Our contact phone number is (415) 981-8384.

Membership Requirements

  • Primary Members: Members who hold the US acupuncture license and agree with and are willing to follow AACMA’s bylaws are eligible to apply for Primary Membership.
  • Student Members: For students who are studying in Chinese Medicine colleges and universities anywhere in the U.S. and agree with AACMA’s bylaws are eligible to apply for the Student Membership.
  • Honorary Members: Those who agree with AACMA’s bylaws and follow them, meet high ethical standards, and support the Chinese Medicine profession are all eligible to become Honorary Members.

Important Note:
For all of the above members, if anyone who commits a crime in any form, he/she will automatically lose his/her membership, AACMA will never bear any obligation or legal responsibility relating to such criminal conduct.