Continuing Education Fee

Regular 6 CEU-Course Fee:

AACMA Member: $60

Payment Methods: ( Can pay for CEU fee and Membership)

Please read the PAYMENT NOTES  before you pay.

(1) Zelle: Account Number: (MUST  follow the payment notes to provide personal information in the MEMO of your bank account. Suggest to pay with zelle;  )

Regular Membership: $200 (No handling fee. Included the membership fee $120, political Action fee $80.

(2)Pay by check (No handling fee. Learn  More)

(3) Pay by Credit card (There is handling fee):
membership: $206

(Included the membership fee $120, political Action fee $80,Handling fee: $6)

Student and retired membership: $52. ( There is Handling fee: $2)

If you would like to join, please click below. Once you are a member, come back and register for the CEU at the discount member price!

Please enter the amount (number only) into the white box below then click “add to cart” to continue.

Instructions for entering the amount: First, delete the “1” in the box (click the “1”  with the mouse arrow, if you are using a mobile phone, you can click the “1”  with your finger), and then enter the amount to be paid in the box, such as: To pay $60, you only need to enter “60” , don’t need to enter “$”, and then click “add to cart”, then go to the next payment procedure; if you need to add $1 or subtract $1, just click “+” or “-“ .


Payment Notes:Please provide following information when register:1. Full name, must match the name in your license. Please provide Chinese name if you have.2. State of practice, license number.3. NCCAOM certificate number if you need PDA credit when is available. 4. Email address.5. Cell phone number.

Comment: You will take the full responsibility for not being issued a CE credit if the information is in-complete.

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